Eyes, Blush and Lipstick by Tifa


Tifa Sims

Aaaand, dun dun DUUUN - The last sim request out of the five I took. He was requested by plumbob-peace, I hope you like him!

You requested: Human, young adult. Hipster. I don’t know if I nailed the hipster thing because that concept is so foreign to me, hehe. 

The only TOU regarding this guy is please don’t mess with his genetics. Changing his hair/clothing is fine, but please don’t change his face.

Download: MEGA | MF


Due to Peggy’s weird ass method of naming shit this will be known as Peggy Beanie Hair because FUCK HAVING RANDOM NUMBERS AS A NAME WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO SORT SHIT.

Download here.

  • I think it’s also for guys too?
  • I enabled it for Outerwear and disabled for Random.
  • NOT CLONED; it will conflict with all other versions of this hair. Due to it being an older hair, it derped out when I tried to clone it. SORRY ;-;
  • Custom thumbnail.
  • In the Hat section.


  • Peggyzone for the mesh
  • aWT’s adjust shine action
  • texture is an edited version of this one.



Dragon Valley Redux by amandieu

[Download] includes CAW files, required content, & readme.

I wanted a roadless Dragon Valley! With more EP content! So I made it and here it is! This isn’t a followers gift, but after recently hitting 500, I just wanted to include a big “thank you” to all you lovelies. I tried to make this world as “basic” as possible so people can tweak it to their historical preference. Everything you need to play is in the download!

[More Pictures]


  • All EPs
  • Package files included in download.

You can share and upload with anyone you want! A tag would be nice, but not required. 

My resource page has been updated to include Medieval CC!

Note: The world is a bit bare and the Farm/Fairy/Country store content could really make this world richer and more full, but I didn’t want a huge list of requirements. There are lots of shells for people to create shops and restaurants based on content they already own. Likewise, a lot of the furnishing is normal base game or EP content.


Raja ~

  • No custom markings used
  • Feel free to edit fur color, name, gender, etc. but please give me credit
  • Tag “Catlover800,” I love seeing my cats in other games!

Download link and more info

Keira by Ksyu


Sims New

Car Convertible by mon_ami


Sims New

Residence on Hill by Visty6



Quedlinburg – Abandoned House by plasticbox

So, this is an abandoned mansion. It’s inspired by that neighbourhood prop that came with one of the EPs (this one) but probably not terribly close since I have no idea what the backside of the prop looks like. 

It is deliberately dark and under-furnished, since it’s meant to be an old, abandoned house – it does have some lights though, and probably just enough furniture that a few sims could live there. 

I’m uploading three versions: 

1. Quedlinburg Large — on a 30 x 40 lot, with overgrown garden

2. Quedlinburg Small — the exact same house on a 20 x 20 lot, a little less furnished but otherwise identical (minus the garden of course)

3. Quedlinburg Small | Floorplan B — the 20 x 20 version with a different floorplan (stairs go sideways), the outside is identical with “Small”. 

All versions have four bedrooms, and between 2.5 and 4 bathrooms. Playtested, the stacked stairs work in all of them.


Mod The Sims

Live The Process by RustyNail


Rusty Nail